torsdag 18 oktober 2012

Stairway to heaven och wokad rivningstomt

Måndag klockan 12 wokar vi vår rivningstomt vid Brunnsparken! Kom och smaka och prata förtätning modell Stadsjord. Efter käket får våra två getter en avskedspresent inför flytten från stan. Äntligen får dom äntra sin Stairway to heaven - en spång upp till alpängarna fulla av gröna örter. Välkomna! 

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Linda, I'm an Italian student. I study industrial design at Politecnico di Milano University, in Milan and this year I wish I could graduate. So, for my thesis I've got to do a research of the green-spaces in the city.
    Well, what I actually have to do is to change a very little green area in the outskirks of Milan.
    This micro-park is in the middle of many buildings and it is really surronded by thounsands of street and human costructions.
    It is really small.
    So, I read about your organization online on ATcasa, and I immediatly decide to conctat you.
    I think the work that you people do is amazing. I really enjoy the idea of a comunity based on green ideals.
    I visit your blog and I try to understand something more about your activities. Well, I don't really understand everything because it was all in Swedish so, it was impossible for me to read it.
    But I saw many photos, and I think what you do is fantastic.
    I was wonder if you can answer many question I'd like to ask you about your projects and your ideas, beacuse it would be really interesting to me for my thesis's work.
    For exaple, I would like to know what is in your opinion the idea of comunity? How do you involve people in your projects (I mean: how do you comunicate your activities to the people? And how you keep them involved after the begining?)
    How about the upkeep? it is 100% in the hands of volunteers?
    Do you think it would be possible to create something like a green comunity in a very little slice of green in the city? Do you think that a green comunity can be based only on gardens or there ara other ideas?
    Do you think that a green garden can be cultivated all-year-long or there are some seasons that it is not possible to keep it "green"?
    Do gardens apply to every people (old, young, teenagers and so on...)?
    As you immagine Italy is really different from Sweden. City are not always human-based, and there are just little pieces of green.
    I know I ask you a lot of questions, but, if you can please answer me, because I really care of your opinion and I wuold love to know your point of view. You can also not answer of all the questions if you want.
    I hope you can help me.
    Lots of congratulations and respect for your work
    Linda Mazzi.

    PS. I add a photo of the green garden, just to give you an idea about what i'm talking about

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your kind words. Please give me your e-mail cause that´s easier for me as media.

      Best regards